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nSilion is the 360 degree cloud-first IT partner for start-ups and scale-ups with a focus on security. We can take care of you IT end-to-end so you can focus on your core-business.

nSilion has a customer base primarily active in the pharma, research and engineering field.

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Some of the IT services we offer

Managed IT services

We monitor and take care of your network equipment for a predictable fixed price per month so you can be online with minimal downtime.

Networking and Security

Cybersecurity is a major concern for companies today and a strong focus for us. 1 out of 3 small to mid-sized businesses fall victim to a data breach. Don't let a major security incident disrupt your business.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services have been transforming the way businesses store, share, and access their IT. The cloud can offer numerous benefits such as reduced costs, greater flexibility, security, and reliability but has plenty of pitfalls too.

Consultancy and design

We can manage your IT project from design, architecture and conception to deployment and post implementation follow-up.

Modern Workplace

Gone are the days employees used to work in the office. The modern workplace gives you the freedom to work whereever you want while avoiding configuration drift.

Help & Support

When critical IT services fail, the biggest cost is the impact to your staff productivity and business relationships. We are close to your users and are here to help.

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